FADER Mix: Ghostpoet

May 14, 2013

Ghostpoet, the quick wit whose 2011 debut got him nominated for a Mercury Prize, released his sophomore effort Some Say I So I Say Light last week on PIAS. Just as compelling as his first go, the album places the British speak-singers distinctive, trudging poetry in an array of contexts, taking production cues from James Blake-style electronics, hip-hop and acid jazz. Download his contemplative FADER mix, with cuts from Terry Riley, Charles Ives and the Talking Heads, and read a short interview.

Download: Ghostpoet's FADER Mix

You've described your vocal delivery as mumbling. Did you develop into this style, or did it come naturally? It was a natural response to the question I asked myself one day: How can I just be myself and not follow others?

The mix is mainly composers and producers—not vocalists so much. Does that say anything about how you view yourself or your music? It was just the mood I was in on the day. On another day it could have had more vocalists, or be strictly field recordings or animal noises. Whatever I'm in the mood to do I do.

Where do you like to wander? To the bottom of a rum-filled glass, usually.

What food do you like to cook and how do you make it? Depends really. I love cooking, so when I actually have the time I'll find recipes that look interesting and follow one. I'm a big fan of seafood so probably something involving that.

Tony Allen - Nepa (Dance Dub)
Terry Riley - A Rainbow In A Curved Air
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
Woodpecker Wooliams - Sparrow
Dark Sky - Reflex
Zun Zun Egui - Dance Of The Crickets
Talking Heads - The Great Curve
Starfuckers - Ode
Leisha - The Mystery
Charles Ives - Soliloquy
Cid Rim - Draw (Dorian Concept Remix)
Andrew Ashong - Flowers
Boddika - Warehouse
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin - Ballade de Melody Nelson
Rumours - Blue

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FADER Mix: Ghostpoet