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Stream: Myrryrs, "Is It True?"


Myrryrs is a producer out of Phoenix who's putting out a pretty hardcore, and really excellent, record of jackin beats Southside Horror for LA label Body High on May 28. But the last track on the EP, "Is It True?," is a bit of a wind down, a calm inhale/exhale of an R&B song to conclude 20-odd minutes of high energy. There's still plenty of propulsion and a really nice hand-clap syncopation, but "Is It True?" is exuberantly pleasant, a song to have on when you finally lock eyes with the 4 AM mate of your dreams after sweating it out all night on the floor.

Stream: Myrryrs, "Is It True?"

Posted: May 15, 2013
Stream: Myrryrs, "Is It True?"