Life Lessons from Style Heroes Iris Apfel and Duro Olowu

In case anyone needs a pick me up this hot Thursday morning, Nowness filmed a leisurely stroll through the zoo with longtime friends 91-year old style icon Iris Apfel and London-by-way-of-Lagos designer Duro Olowo, capturing some words of wisdom and general life lessons intended for the kids. “It’s easier to get in someone’s pants than someone’s head,” says Apfel. Zing! Apfel’s become something of a hero in the fashion world for her colorful style (check her rocking Comme des Garcons on an unbelievably sick Dazed cover) and sagely, unpretentious take on fashion. “You really don’t own anything,” Apfel says in the video. “You’re only here a short time so you kind of rent it, if you think about things that way.” If it takes 91 years to look this cool and sound this smart, suddenly impending birthdays aren’t looking so rough. “If people don’t like [me], it’s their problem, not mine,” she says. “So I’m not going to stress it.”

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  1. chisa says:

    Do you mean ‘heroes”?

  2. Alex Frank says:

    oops we suck. THANK YOU!

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