Brooklyn Bound: Interview with Pure X

When we spoke with Pure X at the Williamsburg location of Juice Press, the band told us that they bring a juicer with them every time they go on tour. If you’re wondering (like I was when I conducted this interview) what a juicer is, or how said juicer is any different than a department store blender, well you’re in luck, because we also had Juice Press’ Shom Chowdhury on hand to explain the difference and also how juicing is sweeping the nation. Check out our conversation with the band above and a gallery from the interview below and stay tuned for video from Pure X’s Converse Rubber Tracks performance.

SLIDESHOW: Pure X At Juice Press

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  2. Diyahn says:

    There is not anything like Juice Press.
    I usually go to the Juice Press on 14th and 8th av
    Thank you so very much for the one that is closer to where I live in, Williamsburg.

    I drink juice for when I am just not feeling all that well and it rejuvenates me
    as when I need to fast twice a month. Juice Press is fantastic<3