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Stream: Nakim f. Danny Brown, "Mixtape"


Nakim’s "Mixtape" is built on uneasy synths that sound power-line thin. It's boilerplate rap in the best way possible, with Nakim throwing growling verses about hustling and having sex with women while listening to his own mixtape. There's a distinct lane for this stuff, and if you find yourself constantly returning to D-Block's entire catalog (even the radio freestyles), then "Mixtape" is right for you. Probably also worth mentioning that Danny Brown shows up at the tail end for a whirlwind of a yelpy verse, his voice toppling over itself briefly and intensely. Nakim's REPPIN mixtape is out this summer.

Stream: Nakim f. Danny Brown, "Mixtape"

Posted: June 11, 2013
Stream: Nakim f. Danny Brown, "Mixtape"