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Stream: Flaamingos, "All I Wanna Do Is Live"


Flaamingos is the Los Angeles-based duo of longtime collaborators Jerry Narrows and Daniel Koontz. After losing touch for a few years, they reconnected by chance at a party in Echo Park, wrote some songs and started honing their romantic post-punk sound live at The Echo's longrunning Part Time Punks night. I've never been to that party, but the Television Personalities reference makes it seem like the perfect setting for a song like "All I Wanna Do Is Live," which sounds like something you might stumble upon while wandering out of a foggy night and into a dark pub in the England of the '80s. Between the understated melodicism and the from-the-gut lyrics, though, it's the kind of song that sounds like a time warp precisely because it doesn't sound like it's trying too hard. Flaamingos is out August 27th via Felte.

Stream: Flaamingos, "All I Wanna Do Is Live"

Posted: June 13, 2013
Stream: Flaamingos, "All I Wanna Do Is Live"