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Ian Isiah, "Blindfolded" MP3

Ian Isiah describes his latest track alternately as "New Sex Music," "R&B to Highly Consider for the Future" and "Baby Oil Music," which in our heads means some kind of hybrid of future and past, a nod to R&B's sexy history but with enough fresh ideas to make sure things stay cute and distinct. And that's exactly what we get—a splash of nostalgia that's blurred and slurred by the sheer messiness and happenstance of Isiah's vocal and some production tricks that make everything bubble and bauble really beautifully. A pivot away from the drama of his last song, his voice is great and suited to all kinds of styles (if you need proof of that, check this Vine he posted of him doing falsetto acrobatics), so we're excited to hear we he goes from his upcoming EP, which will be out on UNO later this year.

Download: Ian Isiah, "Blindfolded"

Ian Isiah, "Blindfolded" MP3