Steve Wozniak Met Kanye West’s Baby

Kim Kardashian arranged a meeting between West and Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple and inventor of the Apple I and II computers, says Steve Wozniak. On last night’s episode of CNN’s Piers Morgan Live, excerpted above, Wozniak spoke about meeting Kim and Kanye’s new daughter during the encounter, organized in honor of Kanye’s 36th birthday:

I have seen a lot of babies, and a baby represents the love between the people and that meant more to me and the love that Kim was showing to Kanye. Just because he was interested in technology and companies, she, as a birthday present, she had me come up there to meet him. Unbelievable that a woman would do that. I mean I just think she is doing everything she can to show her love to a man.

Earlier this month, referring to Wozniak’s onetime partner Steve Jobs, Kanye told the New York Times he was “undoubtedly” the Jobs of the internet, fashion and culture. “I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means,” West said in the third person. (Wozniak stopped working for Apple full time in the late ’80s, but has remained involved with the company as a shareholder and first-in-line fan. He and Jobs were friendly until Jobs’ 2011 death, if “not close”.)

Woz said the baby seemed “sweet,” but wasn’t told her name. According to a birth certificate obtained by TMZ (and confirming months-old rumors), Kim and Kanye’s daughter is named North West, no middle name. “They will call her Nori for short!” an unidentified source tells E!.

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  2. I am tired of Kanye West’s fatuous, self-gratifying speeches. Yes, Kanye West is a great artists and an innovator, but when he is gone his resonance will be minuscule when compared to the footprint that Steve Jobs left behind. This bloviating narcissist needs to stop comparing himself to biblical figures and trail blazers that changed the way all of us life our lives. My life has not been impacted by the advent of Kanye West. His last album wasn’t even that good. He needs to spend less time thinking of ways that he is similar to great people and focus more on coming out with a dope album. Do the Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger go around saying how great he is? Like Tywin Lannister said, ” Anyone that has to shout, ‘ I am the King!’ is no true king.” Shut up Kanye. Music Dealers. ONE.