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Stream: Dent May, "Born Too Late"


Recently, the lounge singer-voiced, Mississippi singer-songwriter Dent May took a hiatus from flapship Oxford DIY collective Cats Purring to record his next full-length in St. Augustine, Florida. He holed up in a big old Victorian house that is rumored to be haunted, spent a bunch of time with a grand piano and recruited a few local musicians to fill in the parts that he didn't play himself. "Born Too Late" is the swirling first single from Warm Blanket, and between the catwalk-y, two-chord piano riff, the BeeGees-throwback vocal melody, and the violin-driven nod to James Bonds theme song "You Only Live Twice," it's got hooks for miles. Warm Blanket is out August 27th via Paw Tracks.

Stream: Dent May, "Born Too Late"

Posted: June 24, 2013
Stream: Dent May, "Born Too Late"