Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV Walked the Runway at Saint Laurent Paris


I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Zachary Cole Smith of DIIV walked the runway at Saint Laurent Paris’ menswear show this weekend, since he has already been featured in the fall ad campaign for the storied French fashion house and we know YSL’s creative director is a big fan of him and his other long-haired indie compatriots. Plus, he told Pitchfork recently that he might even prefer modeling to making music since he was signed to Re:Quest Model Management a couple of weeks ago. But still, it’s pretty shockingly cool to see him actually walking the brightly-lit runway in the world’s fashion capital wearing a leopard print jacket, a bolo tie and hair slicked back with a few pounds of pomade. See the rest of YSL show here.

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  1. bromagnon says:

    this guy is a complete fucking joke. stop writing about him

  2. LedZep69Guy says:

    baaaaahhh hahahahaha /