FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: Anthony Naples

July 02, 2013

Every Saturday every summer, MoMA PS1 presents Warm Up, an event series taking place in their enormous courtyard. The museum—MoMA’s longstanding sister site in Long Island City, Queens—is a lightning rod for new and exciting artists, and each week’s performers inhabit a similar space in the music world. As a warm up to Warm Up, FADER and MoMA PS1 will be posting an exclusive mix from one of the upcoming week's artists. Today we've got Anthony Naples, one of New York's best young house producers. He'll play this Saturday, June 29th, along with The Martinez Brothers, Kim Ann Foxman and DJ Qu. Download Naples' mix, read a quick interview and buy tickets here.

Download: Anthony Naples' FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix

What is your favorite summer jam right now? Delroy Edwards, "Maxwell."

What's the best summer vacation you ever took? Last summer I went to California and I had such a good time that I came back to New York and quit my job haha. I'm not sure why there's any correlation but at the time it made total sense. I think this year will be the best vacation though, when I go to the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica with my girlfriend and some friends.

Who is a visual artist that you admire, and why? Easy: Will Bankhead. He's been a huge inspiration to what I do over the last few years and to me, a lot of his work really blurs this line between something that's designed, and something that's just put into a perspective that you just may not have seen before, which I think is really amazing. A lot of the time I think he makes things look sort of surreal, or more importantly, gives something pre-existing a new, surreal quality. It's sick. He's also a good friend, and runs the label I release music on so of course he gets the shout! But his influence runs deep—he's behind the artwork for tons of labels like Honest Jons, Hinge Finger, Mo Wax and tons more. Very funny guy too!

What's your favorite summertime snack, and where do you get it? I like those shitty popsicles that come in packs of 100 that are just sugar and water, you know the ones right? In the plastic? A lot of people choose to cut off the plastic but I just rip it with my teeth. Red Stripe is a close second. I get both of these things at the all of the nearly identical bodegas in Brooklyn. My personal favorite is on the NE side of Fulton St. and Clinton Ave.

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FADER/MoMA PS1 Warm Up Mix: Anthony Naples