First Look: Gosha Rubchinskiy’s New Collection, Straight from Russia

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Since around 2010, the young Moscow based designer Gosha Rubchinskiy has been photographing his perfect updates of punk classics on his skater friends around Russia. And they really are the best models for his reimagined Thrasher t-shirts and tight, taut ribbed sweaters pulled straight from the days of the 1980s, the era that Rubchinskiy loves to romanticize for birthing hardcore bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag and being the tail end of the Cold War. Soon, his friends will be able to actually skate quite comfortably in the Rubchinskiy brand, too, since we heard he’s working on a shoe collaboration with Vans. For now, though, he’s got them looking moody in his autumn/winter 2013 collection of signature sweat suits in new shades of red and earthy green and a few unexpected patent leather numbers that add a bit of shine. Look out for these clothes to hit Opening Ceremony pretty soon.

For more on Rubchinskiy, read our 2010 interview with the Russian designer.

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