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Jay-Z Reveals Very Little in Live Twitter Q&A

July 08, 2013

Since opening an account in 2008, Jay-Z has rarely written on Twitter—about 50 times in five years, including five tweets hashtagged #newrules in honor of his new album and its out of control promo campaign. Breaking that precedent to participate in more marketing, today he's hosting what an official Twitter spokesperson calls a "spontaneous" Twitter Q&A. Answering exclusively softball questions, it appears he's having a good time, or at least he's written "my laugh" a bunch of times. Here's what we've learned so far:

Jay-Z doesn't really eat cereal
Jay-Z remembers Memphis Bleek, but Memphis Bleek does not have access to Jay-Z's Twitter
Jay-Z doesn't entirely understand the point of a Twitter Q&A
Jay-Z champions honesty
Jay-Z says "def" instead of "definitely"
Jay-Z may or may not own an alpaca rug
Columbus didn't discover America

Follow along with the Q&A via the official Jay-Z and Twitter Music accounts. For more on the extremely profitable rollout of Magna Carta Holy Grail and some of Jay-Z's other ventures, check out the latest edition of By the Numbers. For more on Twitter's agressive courting of musicians, read out explainer of their #Music app.

Jay-Z Reveals Very Little in Live Twitter Q&A