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Video: DonChristian, "My Crew"

DonChristian first popped up on our radar as the only guest rapper to be featured on both of his old friend Le1f’s first two mixtapes, and ever since, we've been patiently waiting for him to have a project of his own. Now he does: a new mixtape The Wayfarer forthcoming on Greedhead and an awesome video for his first single "My Crew." On the track, his deep croak of a voice steams off of a chime-y, church-y beat he produced himself like wavy wisps of smoke, and, a day after the conclusion of Wimbledon, the video pulls from his preppy upbringing in Germantown, Philadelphia and at boarding schools with a tennis match at a baller New England house attended by his homies (including Le1f!), who love him no matter whether he wins or loses. His whole crew, Boody, Le1f and Mess Kid, will also have beats on The Wayfarer, out later this summer. Check out the clip and download the song below.

Download: DonChrstian, "My Crew"

Video: DonChristian, "My Crew"