Stream: Hunx & His Punx, “You Think You’re Tough”


It’s hard to explain, but there is something very Danzig-like about the vocals Shannon Shaw lets rip on “You Think You’re Tough,” the latest single from Hunx & His Punx‘s long-in-the-making new LP, Street Punk. Maybe it’s the elemental nature of the melody she sings, or the occasional looping in of a grace note. Maybe it’s the way that she starts singing about hate but ends up singing about love, or that strange, back of the throat thing that she does in the song’s most ramped-up moments. But while this song will definitely appeal to Misfits fans in the way that actual Misfits songs do, Shaw’s voice also sounds like no-one else’s, buzzing from pugnacious teen spirit to near-operatic vibrato in the blink of an eye, and sounding weirdly delicate, even breakable, on the closing note. Street Punk is out July 23rd via Hardly Art.

Stream: Hunx & His Punx, “You Think You’re Tough”

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  1. david hilton says:

    I love this band, simply one of the funnest bands to hit the scene since B-52s.

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