Adidas Makes The Perfect Track Pants with Bedwin & The Heartbreakers

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 9.58.44 AM

Who wouldn’t want to wear track pants all day, swathed in soft nylon like a comfortable king? The only problem is that most options of trackies you find in stores these days billow like humungous Hammer pants and instead of feeling like royalty, we feel like 7th graders tripping on extra-long lengths. That makes it all the more special that Adidas (who pretty much invented the track suit) teamed up with Japanese brand Bedwin & The Heartbreakers, who, in the past couple of years, have pioneered the silhouette of pants that you see here and that we first told you about in 2011, one that raises the hem extra-high on the shin to show off the ankle and make you look prep-school smart. Available in navy blue, red and a really pretty shade of golden rod yellow, they’ve also mixed in an assortment of tees, jackets and shoes, all the better to highlight just how high and tight your new pants are.

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