Diplowatch 2013 #4: Diplo Thinks Beyoncé Scrapped The Song He Made Her


Update 7/12/2013: Diplo can’t speak to what’s happening with Beyoncé’s entire album, but knows that she scrapped one song that he and she recorded. “One song was scrapped and that’s the one I worked on,” he clarified.


Previously: What’s up with Beyoncé’s fifth album? Allegedly born last summer in secret Hamptons songwriting sessions, the record has been teased since January. Now, she’s starting over, says Diplo, who told The Sun that Bey has possibly scrapped an original version of the record. “I just did two songs for her new album,” Diplo told The Sun. “Well, I tried. I think she scrapped the record. The record was supposed to be done and they have been hitting me up for brand new ideas. I like to work from scratch, [but] sometimes I get called in to fix records.” Ne-Yo echoed this sentiment in June, telling Billboard he was “still putting stuff together” for the album and that her team was “still trying to figure out” what they wanted it to become. For more on the stalled album’s three sort-of singles and what they’re leading toward, read Grantland’s month-by-month investigation of Beyoncé’s moves this year.

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  1. Nice pic of Diplo at the Indy 500

  2. she should scrap those sunglasses, she looks like a weird super villainess in prison