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Stream MATRiXXMAN's The XX Files EP


Formerly one half of 5kinAndBone5, the duo responsible for the extremely nasty beat on Le1f's breakout single "Wut," San Franscisco producer MATRiXXMAN has a new solo EP due out July 23rd on Brooklyn label Fifth Wall. Turns out, it's a whole lot more spacious than that 2012 cut, using a palette of subtly modulated hardware sounds in economical homage to classic Detroit techno and Chicago house. Even at its most melodic moments, The XX Files's particular swagger feels compellingly controlled and staid, though with their remixes of "Case Closed" and "Credentials," London producer Ill Life and Ireland's Myler shake things up a bit at the end.

Stream: MATRiXXMAN, The XX Files EP

Stream MATRiXXMAN's The XX Files EP