Stream: Dan Bodan, “Anonymous (Gobby Remix)”


The original version of Berlin-based Dan Bodan’s track on DFA, “Anonymous,” is a haunting, beautiful mediation on loneliness. But now, in a remix for an upcoming EP of reworks called Anonymous (The UNO Remixes), Brooklyn DJ Gobby has turned all of that to shit. In a good way! It’s really special that Gobby’s brain is so vague and complex that he could turn a slow burning heart-wrencher into a spastic noise jam that hardly makes any sense. And maybe the whole point is that it’s not even that different at all—that this is just another way to process romance and sadness, different from Bodan’s method, but still, in Gobby’s own, about exactly the same subject. (via P4K)

Stream: Dan Bodan, “Anonymous (Gobby Remix)”

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