Stream: Tirzah, “I’m Not Dancing”

July 24, 2013

Update 8/7/13: Noisey just premiered a video for the track, embedded above. Song is still great, and their T-shirts are sick, ha.

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Mica Levi, the driving force behind Micachu & The Shapes, started making moves again last year, one of which was DJing this song—then credited as Micachu featuring Tirzah—at Boiler Room. Levi's production features a delightfully half-assed recorder, which seems to have been pitched down to make the song's bass, but the song's star—and as such, now its sole credited artist—is the singer Tirzah. This summer, I'm comparing everything to SOPHIE's "Bipp", and the odd instrumental and classically garagey vocals on "I'm Not Dancing" do something similarly great. Super likable track. Greco-Roman will release Tirzah's I'm Not Dancing EP, entirely produced by Levi, on August 5th, and it's up for preorder now.

Stream: Tirzah, "I'm Not Dancing"

Stream: Tirzah, “I’m Not Dancing”