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Summer Serums: Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray


Style encompasses more than just the clothes on our backs and the fly kicks on our feet. In Summer Serums, our new column, we shout out the grooming products that keep us fresh and make getting through the dog days of summer possible. This week, Duncan looks at Juniper Ridge's Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray.

I was supposed to buy a house upstate this year but now I probably won't, and so I have Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray. That seems like a bad consolation but it's also a good one, because instead of just going online and refreshing "my homes" on Trulia to imagine an alternate life, I can distribute a few puffs around my apartment and really make the dream multi-sensory. It helps tide me over. This "cabin spray"—a term Juniper Ridge seems to have invented, or at least commandeered the Google searches of—contains "real plants, bark, moss and mushroom and other things found hiking the backcountry," such as Douglas firs, harvested sustainably and somewhat romantically near Mount Hood, in Oregon. I'm well aware that spraying "cabin spray" in my shitty Brooklyn apartment might make me seem twee and deluded—imported from the Pacific Northwest, the smell connotes "nature" despite the fact that my New York one-bedroom already smells perfectly "natural" for its context: with notes of garlic, socks and a litter box—but I don't care, because sometimes I'm sad, and spraying it is reassuring.

Summer Serums: Juniper Ridge Cascade Glacier Cabin Spray