Tao Lin Made a Music Video of Himself Skateboarding

Last December, we asked a bunch of musicians, tastemakers and weirdos to write about their favorite music from the year; author Tao Lin chose the debut EP by Chicago’s Young Family. He said it sounds like “what a rare form of tree-ghost-computer-human hybrid, in something like 250,203 AD, contained inside a museum against its will, might sometimes very quietly emanate, as a kind of auditory, barely noticeable, passive weeping.” Now, he has made a music video for their song “$$,” featuring himself skateboarding poorly among suburban mansions. He falls a lot, including at 1:08, when the video slows down and you can sort of see him “grinning.”

For more, read Emilie Friedlander’s recent interview with Tao Lin, about his new novel, Taipei.

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  1. Carlo says:

    hahaha wonder how many times he was “grinning” in his book

  2. mp3 says:

    great video! ty