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Download Jeremiah Jae's Bad Jokes Mixtape


The obvious influence on Jeremiah Jae’s Bad Jokes mixtape is MF Doom, who has made a career from effortless pop culture references delivered over fractured, wildly quirky production. Jae, for his part, does the same, wedding monotone verses to blunted loops that evoke Saturday morning cartoons, gravity bongs and sugar cereal. It's a light listen, as influenced by relaxed LA days as it is by smoking copious amounts of weed (are those the same thing?), but it's not lazy so much as it is warmly psychedelic. In addition to production by Jae himself, Flying Lotus also pops up to produce "Oatmeal Face," which should give you some idea of the vibe this tape is going for.

Download Jeremiah Jae, Bad Jokes

Download Jeremiah Jae's Bad Jokes Mixtape