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Stream: Bookworms, “Japanese Zelkova”

July 31, 2013

Bookworms, the NYC via SF producer Nik Dawson, who was responsible for the L.I.E.S. favorite "African Rhythms," is back with a new single. "Japanese Zelkova" (which is a type of tree) is harder and rawer than its predecessor. Maybe New York does that to you. It also may feature someone secretly saying "reefer.": Secret stoner message or not, it'll be out on a three-song L.I.E.S. 12-inch single later this summer.

Update: Bookworms says he doesn't know what it's saying but it's from an old sample of the radio when they would not have said "reefer." Stoner dreams of The FADER :(

Stream: Bookworms, "Japanese Zelkova"

Stream: Bookworms, “Japanese Zelkova”