Watch the Official Trailer for James Ferraro’s NYC, Hell, 3:00AM

James Ferraro has already dropped two trailers for his upcoming LP, but for some reason he waited until today to unleash the “official” one. Turns out, it’s actually a video for moody, rat-infested album track, “Upper East Side Pussy,” but it’s nice to see NYC, Hell, 3:00AM shaping up to be a story grounded as solidly in images and text as Auto Tune and orchestral synths. Title cards with obtuse text fragments—”I’m in China Town/Fried rice in a white box/ Spoke to an angel/Baby face with a C section scar/On the bridge exhale smoke/ Cracked ATM screen/Emaciated model face/Cheek bone era”—trade off with dazzling images of the New York City skyline and of a ripped-jeans-wearing Ferraro, looking like a streetwalker out of a Warhol/Morrissey flick. As a poetic tribute to a kind of archaic, Hollywood-fueled imagining of New York City squalor and subterranean life, it’s somehow captures the feeling of hitting rock bottom in the most beguiling and glamorous way possible. NYC, Hell, 3:00AM is out October 15th via Hippos in Tanks.

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