Download Nadastrom’s Mix for Mad Decent Block Party

August 01, 2013

Nadastrom—the long-running, Moombahton-inventing DJ and production duo of Dave Nada and Matt Nordstrom—will be performing at the touring, PUMA-sponsored Mad Decent Block Party's stopover in Dallas on August 31st. (The next Block Party, without them, goes down tomorrow in Washington DC, then on Saturday in Fort Lauderdale; tickets to everything are available here.) Prepare yourself with this mix, and by drinking a lot of water.

Download: Nadastrom's Mix for Mad Decent Block Party

Beautiful Swimmers "Swimmers Groove"
Janet Jackson "If" (Kaytranada Remix)
Art Mwambe "BTWO" ft. Pimp Jackson
Uproot Andy "Guacha Uproot"
Sabo "Conga Lust" (Edit)
Cafe Con Leche "Muévete"
Munchi "Pun Aint Dead" (Insane Fennel Edit)
A Tribe Called Red ft. Black Bear "The Road"
Kanye West "Black Skinhead"
Duke Dumont "Postlude"
Disclosure "When A Fire Starts To Burn"
Boddika "Soul What" (Boddika Remix)
FCL "It's You" (San Soda Panorama Bar Acca Version)
Paul Woolford "Untitled"
LNR "Work It To The Bone" (Matt Nordstrom Refix)
Breach "Jack"
Dave Nada "Justa Lil Dub"
Jon Kwest "Dirtbag Riddim" (Watch How It Go Down)
J Dilla B.B.E. (Big Booty Express)

Download Nadastrom’s Mix for Mad Decent Block Party