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White Poppy, "Darkness Turns To Light"

White Poppy is the solo project of Crystal Dorval, a British Columbia bedroom recorder who makes what she calls "experimental & therapeutic pop." Recently, she packed up some of her amniotic compositions and boated it over to the town of Ladysmith, on Vancouver Island, where she mixed and mastered the project's debut, self-titled full-length at The Noise Floor Recording Studio. "Darkness Turns To Light" is a warm, enveloping slice of walking-paced dream-pop, layering otherworldly vocals and processed guitar into a plateau of sound that's at once ambiguously floaty and elementally precise. Says Dorval of the song, "'Darkness Turns To Light' is one of the more psychedelic, world-influenced songs on the album. I thought it would make a good second single after the poppier first single, 'Wear Me Away,' because it showcases the eclecticism that can be expected of the whole album." Did I mention it's gorgeous? White Poppy is out September 3rd on Not Not Fun.

Stream: White Poppy, "Darkness Turns To Light"

White Poppy, "Darkness Turns To Light"