What We’re Reading: Mannie Fresh

August 02, 2013

Tired of reading the same recommended books from the usual sources? Just think of our weekly What We’re Reading column as your non-committal book club with FADER and some of your favorite bands. For this installment, legendary producer, rapper and DJ, Mannie Fresh picks three recent reads.

Game of Thrones: Book One by George R. R. Martin
When a movie based on a book comes out, people always say that the book is always better than the movie. So I'm always interested in reading the book too. Right now I'm reading Game of Thrones. I started watching it on HBO and I got into the series but then I decided to stop watching the series until I finished all the books. The reason that I like Game of Thrones is because it's based on all these royal families. And it's cutthroat—just like hip-hop. It's all about positioning and figuring out who's going to last. You will find a good character, read about them and as soon as you start thinking, this is a good character, he's going to be around for a while, he gets killed. It just shows you: don't let your guard down for anything.

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
I totally liked this book. I think I'm going to read the entire trilogy. I started to rent all of the movies but then I decided to wait because in the movies they leave some of the good stuff out. I really like the book's message: it's like you can overcome anything that's thrown at you. I also love the ending because it doesn't end with someone being happy, it ends just so. Just like in life.

Macbeth by William Shakespeare
I get most of my reading done whenever I'm in the airport waiting on a flight, have some time to kill and I have a book with me. I started reading Macbeth but I had to put it down. With the language and the the plot, it was just all over the place. Macbeth is one of those books that demand all of your attention. So I decided to come back to it later.

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What We’re Reading: Mannie Fresh