Summer Serums: Goldies Sea Mineral Fennel Toner

August 07, 2013

Style encompasses more than just the clothes on our backs and the fly kicks on our feet. In Summer Serums, our new column, we shout out the grooming products that keep us fresh and make getting through the dog days of summer possible. This week, Emily looks at Goldies Sea Mineral Fennel Toner.

For a girl like myself, raised in the idyllic Midwest, summers spent in the city can be rowdy—fits of sweat brought on by waves of heat that rush into your face as you enter a subway station, layers of exhaust and pollution building up on your face. Seemingly, at every turn, the city is taking the opportunity to turn your skin into a disaster. During the extra long summer days, Goldies Sea Mineral Fennel Toner is a quick fix for a mid-day refresh—tingling, cooling and most importantly, cleansing! The scent is slightly medicinal and sort of vegetal, which makes me feel like it's working to fight the grit and dirt. The label also boasts kelp, blue-green algae and aloe as key ingredients, all good things that remind me of the other way to make summer in the city bearable: multiple trips to the beach.

Posted: August 07, 2013
Summer Serums: Goldies Sea Mineral Fennel Toner