Stream: Happy Jawbone Family Band, “Everybody Knows About Daddy”

Over the weekend, I drove with my parents to Hudson, New York, where there was this big street festival happening with bands from all over the Hudson Valley and greater New York area. Most of it was pretty terrible, so I was stoked to see a sign for Brattleboro, Vermont’s Happy Jawbone Family Band outside of a little bookstore/cafe-type place that was hosting a night of music independently from the festival. Unfortunately, I walked in just as they were breaking down their gear, but from the sound of this new single, I imagine that what I would have been pretty shocked by how different they sound from the very ramshackle, deep New England freak-folk of their Tastes the Broom days. “Everybody Knows About Daddy,” which boasts the lyric, how many lions you think I could fit in my bed?, retains the madcap edge while peeling away the layers of fuzz to reveal a knack for burnished riffs and carefully chiseled songwriting. Happy Jawbone Family Band is out October 15th via Mexican Summer.

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