Video: Chief Keef, “Citgo”

Today’s Chief Keef’s 18th birthday, marking the official beginning of his legal adulthood, though he’s presumably been “responsible for the livelihood of a number of full-grown adults” for the past couple of years. He’s spending the day partying on the West Coast, and celebrating with a new tape, Bang Part 2 (dropping later tonight, at 10:17 EST), and this gorgeous video for “Citgo,” directed by DC-based William Hoopes. Though just a bonus track, the song’s a highlight from last year’s Finally Rich, the strange and wonderful street album that was somehow released by a major label. “Citgo” was produced by Polish teenager Young Ravisu, whose beat Chief Keef supposedly found while searching YouTube for his own name (it was tagged something like “Chief Keef style beat”). The instrumental is totally bizarre, like a tidal wave that’s about to crash but never does, instead evaporating in the middle of the air and blending with the spirit noises Keef is pulling out of his stomach.

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