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Seven Back to School Essentials to Class Up Your Look

Illustration Hisham Bharoocha
August 16, 2013

Back to Cool

From the magazine: ISSUE 87, August/September 2013

1) Krink Markers, $8.5-$15
Created by legendary graffi ti artist KR, these punchy paint markers make tagging the desks in your math class even more fun.

2) Terrapin Stationers Teacher’s Pet Notepad, $10 :
Take down lectures, doodle cartoons or pass love notes to your boo on this school-ready pad.

3) Peters Mountain Works Longfellow Backpack, $110
Enough space for study essentials and an afternoon snack, plus its pink candy color is the opposite of geeky.

4) 40s & Shorties Blunt Socks, $12
Support higher education with these graphic, pro-stoner socks.

5) Adidas Originals x Bedwin and The Heartbreakers Track Pants, $140
A Japanese upgrade of the classic Adidas jogger—cropped and pleated to look fly at both the track meet and the keg party.

6 )Highland Long Sleeve Roller Coaster Tee, $185
Trippy Dead Head graphics and ultra-soft cotton will make rolling out of bed much more stylish.

7) Nasir Mazhar Box PeakBaseball Cap, $200
Hide greasy hair days when you’re late to morning classes and stow your #2 pencil at the same time.

Seven Back to School Essentials to Class Up Your Look