Stream: Tezeo, “Violet”

August 22, 2013

Tezeo is the electronic duo of Michael Beharie and Jeff Cristiani. Like Teengirl Fantasy and Blondes, they're part of a small contingent of Brooklyn-based, Oberlin Music Conservatory grads who got their start studying experimental composition and ended up making club-inspired music. "Violet" is a track from Tezeo's forthcoming debut LP, which follows from their 2012 "Friends" seven-inch on Dummy Records. Like the latter single, which also appears on the record, it's an instant, sing-along anthem, showcasing their knack for big, sprawling melodies and the kind of instrumental detail work that gives a good melody depth. Tezeo is out October 8th, via the artists themselves.

Stream: Tezeo, "Violet"

Posted: August 22, 2013
Stream: Tezeo, “Violet”