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Stream: Mount Eerie, "Lone Bell (Pre-Human Ideas Version")


This is weird. With his Mount Eerie project, Phil Elverum's music moves between warm interpretations of black metal to warm interpretations of nature folk and back. It's basically all warm and distinctly organic. Pre-Human Ideas, out November 12th on his own P.W. Elverum and Sun label, is all Auto-Tuned, highly computerized versions of previous material. Elverum is no stranger to creating new interpretations of his own work, though. Going through his back catalog, you can find endless variations of some of his greatest songs, but none have been reworked like this. In the press release for the album, there's a bunch of bullet points. The last one reads, "There is no such thing as a difference between 'nature' and 'not nature,' it is all wild," which is mostly true. So here's a whole album of wild robot singing from Phil Elverum, with cover art featuring Phil Elverum at his computer using Garageband while eating a couple donuts.

Stream: Mount Eerie, "Lone Bell (Pre-Human Ideas Version")

Posted: September 04, 2013
Stream: Mount Eerie, "Lone Bell (Pre-Human Ideas Version")