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Spotted at NYFW: Rihanna

photographer Alex Wesh

FADER NYFW, Spring 2014

Last night at Opening Ceremony’s very first runway show, there were cars driving models down runways and Justin Bieber doing some weird shoulder-dance along with the music only a few seats away from me, but I was so busy sweating Rihanna that I barely noticed anything else. Clothes? What clothes? I'd been waiting for Ms. Fenty all of NYFW and here she was: low-cut dress, mullet, BFF Melissa Forde in tow, smoking blunts and staring into our camera like she could see into our souls. And in case you were wondering, she stayed at the after-party all night, drinking beer from a can and dancing to Future, because that's how real icons do it.

Spotted at NYFW: Rihanna