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Stream Moodoïd's Self Titled EP


Moodoïd is the project of Pablo Padovani, guitarist for Melody's Echo Chamber, a group that put out an excellent, if somewhat overlooked, psychedelic record last year. Let's get the unavoidable out of the way: like the Melody's Echo Chamber record, the Moodoïd EP was produced by Tame Impala frontman Kevin Parker, and his touch is unmistakable: each instrument has a gloopy quality, blending together with its counterparts without becoming formless. It's lush, but not overwhelming. But while Tame Impala and Melody's Echo Chamber push their wandering psychedelia into tight boxes, Moodoïd is expansive and vast, prone to endless freakouts that bleed from one track to the next. There are only four songs here, but they feel like they could last forever. The EP is out now on Entreprise.

Stream: Moodoïd, Moodoïd

Stream Moodoïd's Self Titled EP