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Stream: U.S. Girls, "Overtime"

U.S. Girls just announced a new EP called Free Advice Column, and along with it, this new crazy-sounding, loop-based motown homage. Megan Remy has been revisiting '60s girl group aesthetics for years, but "Overtime," a collaboration with Canadian hip-hop producer Onakabazien, zeroes in on the little things in old recordings like "Heatwave" or "Be My Little Baby" that really feel the most endearing: the fleeting shrillness of a voice, a particular metallic clink to a piano, a sort of sunken quality to the drums. Of course, she's scrambled all these elements into a kind of fun house mirror image of the genre, but the result has a beguiling, forward momentum of its own. Free Advice Column is out September 24th via Bad Actors, Inc.

Stream: US Girls, "Overtime"

Stream: U.S. Girls, "Overtime"