Brooklyn Bound: Mac DeMarco Live at Converse Rubber Tracks, “Let My Baby Stay” Video and “Only You” MP3

Between pinball sessions at his favorite laundromat, Mac DeMarco came out to Converse Rubber Tracks to play a short but sweet set to a captivated audience that cozies up all the way to the stage. Mac DeMarco is a jokester, onstage and off, but you wouldn’t guess it from this winsome performance of “Let My Baby Stay,” a dreamy new track that DeMarco debuted live last week on the Rubber Tracks stage, tapping his Chuck Taylor sneakers to the beat. Watch him deliver the new song, then download a new live rendition of “Only You” below. You can check out previous installments of Brooklyn Bound too, featuring video and downlaods from the likes of of GZA, Pure X, DIIV, Charli XCX and more.

Download: MacDeMarco, “Only You (Live at Converse Rubber Tracks)

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