Nasir Mazhar’s Branded Band of Buddies

London Designer Nasir Mazhar asks his friends to model his spring collection of bra tops and tracksuits.

September 17, 2013

It's pretty perfect that Nasir Mazhar had real girls from his actual posse of friends model his new spring 2014 collection, because as we learned in our feature story on the young UK designer, his sense of style has always been more about representing the young and fun life he has in East London than the stodgy world of fashion runways and high-end boutiques. The bra tops, branded tracksuits and textured sweats look great on his crew, which included video director Grace Ladoja and stylist Anna Trevelyan. Their own added touches like sleeves of tattoos and lucite heels make the outfits something truly special.

(images via The Gloss)

Nasir Mazhar’s Branded Band of Buddies