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Stream: Obliterations, “Kick Against The Pricks”

Stream Obliterations’ “Kick Against The Pricks,” the title track from the band’s upcoming EP.

September 18, 2013

Obliterations is the Los Angeles four-piece of vocalist Sam James Velde, guitarist Stephen McBean, bassist Austin Barber and drummer Flo Schanze. "Kick Against The Pricks" tears across its two-minute run time in a tumble of drum fills, screams and blazing guitars, speaking to the group's roots in the city's hardcore scene as much as it seems to be straining against the well-tred structural parameters that sort of songwriting usually entails. There's even a little bit of a Dead Boys snarl to James Velde's voice, adding a touch of vampy sexuality that feels very much in keeping with the dramatic tempo changes peppered throughout. It's the title track on a four-song, seven-inch EP they have coming out on Outer Battery Records on October 22nd.

Stream: Obliterations, "Kick Against The Pricks"

Stream: Obliterations, “Kick Against The Pricks”