Stream: SETH, “Cat in the Limo”

Gobby and James K’s SETH project is baffling and amazing. Hear the second track from their forthcoming UNO debut, and watch the music video for the first song.

October 01, 2013


"Cat in the Limo," the second track from Gobby and James K's new duo, SETH, sounds like a normal pop song for 1.5 seconds. The garbled bass thing that happens after that, and that becomes the song's defining feature—what the fuck? I have no idea what it sounds like. Beneath the new stream, watch the video for their first track, "Don't Open Your Make." SETH's debut EP comes out on October 8th via UNO.

Stream: SETH, "Cat in the Limo"

Stream: SETH, “Cat in the Limo”