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Video: Tessela, “Nancy’s Pantry”

Watch the Will Barras and Sean Martin-directed video for “Nancy’s Pantry, the title track from Tessela’s R&S EP.

October 10, 2013


Half digital-era Kafka spoof, half tongue-in-cheek advertisement, this Will Barras and Sean Martin-directed, animated video for Tessela track "Nancy's Pantry" follows an anthropomorphic cockroach as he skitters away from a baking tray of R&S Records-branded cupcakes—weird, I know—and goes on a wild run through a futuristic city, rendered in breathtaking 3D. It's an odd, inexplicable, dream-like accompaniment to the West Country, UK musician's lurching, jungle-inspired rhythms, which evoke club-floor exaltation and chase-scene adrenaline in equal measure. "Nancy's Pantry" is the title track from his new three-track EP, which is out this week on (you guessed it) R&S.

Video: Tessela, “Nancy’s Pantry”