DJ Class, “Tear Da Club Up (DJ Sliink Remix)” MP3

Four classic Baltimore Club tracks, originally released by Unruly Records, are being reissued and remixed by T& Records.

October 15, 2013


Please RT if you remember this shit, favorite if you can yell all the words—"Tear Da Club Up," DJ Class' 1999 Baltimore Club classic and a cornerstone of the mid-’00s Hollertronix-associated revival is yet again finding renewed life, thanks to a reissue and remix package by T&A Records, out October 22nd. "Tear Da Club Up" and three other hallmarks of the genre, all originally released by Unruly Records—Scottie B & King Tutt's "African Chant," Scottie B's "Niggaz Fightin" and Blunted Dummies' "House For All"—have been reworked by the likes of DJ Ayres, XXXChange, Top Billin, Skinny Friedman, Nadastrom and Cousin Cole, but my favorite might just be this fairly faithful Jersey Club version by DJ Sliink. If it ain't broke, don't fix it—14 years later and that hook really hasn't aged a day.

Download: DJ Class, "Tear Da Club Up (DJ Sliink Remix)"

DJ Class, “Tear Da Club Up (DJ Sliink Remix)” MP3