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Bars of Gold, a five-piece from Detroit, make aggressive music that examines punk ethos with a matured gaze, while still existing, sonically, in that particular universe of basements and bars and broken bottles. Wheels, the band’s sophomore full-length, streaming below, is a working-class rock record that’s distinctive for its rough-hewn fusion of hardcore, blues, and late-’90s indie. Gruff-voiced singer Marc Paffi, who used to front the band Bear vs. Shark, grumbles and howls over frantic, feral melodies, his lyrics grappling with the collision of grown-up responsibilities and youthful abandon. Wheels is alive with ragged, fist-pumping tenacity that’s as tortured and self-reflective as it is euphoric. The LP drops October 29 via Bellyache Records, but it’s available to preorder right now.

Stream: Bars of Gold’s Wheels

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  1. Isaac Arms says:

    Thanks for the stream, FADER!

    Bars of Gold are absolutely the shit. This record is brilliant.

    Bars of Gold also features Brandon Moss, who played drums in Bear vs. Shark with Marc. The rest of the band are this badass ragtag group callled Wildcatting:


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