Video: Portugal. The Man, “Modern Jesus (Mike D Remix)”

The Beastie Boys’ Mike D remixes Portugal. The Man’s “Modern Jesus.”

October 31, 2013


Beastie Boys' Mike D turns in a remix for Portugal. The Man's, "Modern Jesus." He bumps up the drums like crazy—compare it to the original to gauge the kick in the pants. Both parties seem very happy with the collaboration:

Mike D: "I was talking to a friend who happened to work at the bands label about stuff I was listening to. I mean we do this often, and I mention the "Evil Friends" album. He hit me back right away asking if I would do a mix, so it was no doubt. I knew I wanted to do the song and push it, make it bump more, trap that shit out."

John Gourley of PTM: "Mike D, he gets respect. The Beasties introduced us to the world that existed outside of Alaska, and we lived by it. We have referenced Beastie Boys on every album we have made. The dude is a Beatle, in our book, and to get to work with a guy like Mike D is and always has been at the top of our list since we were kids.”

Video: Portugal. The Man, “Modern Jesus (Mike D Remix)”