Safe House USA: Bed Rock

Photographer Julia Gillard
November 08, 2013

Safe House USA makes sheets to match your swag

From the magazine: ISSUE 88, October/November 2013

Growing up in a Seattle trailer park, Keehnan Konyha frequently redecorated his cramped room with stray leopard print swatches, flannel sheets or whatever was in the clearance bin at J.C. Penney. When he left the burbs for NYC, he figured his trailer home experience would make redecorating his tiny, 300-square-foot apartment a cinch, but he quickly found that while most downtown people relied on New York brands like Hood by Air and Supreme to keep them looking good in the streets, shopping on a budget left everyone outfitting their apartments with the same cheap chain store designs that were available back in Washington state. “This is New York, but everyone is going home to bedrooms that are decorated with IKEA and Walmart,” he says. “It doesn’t make sense to me.” With his new line of bedding, Safe House USA, Konyha is determined to upgrade the way 20-somethings dress up their domiciles.

Describing the brand as “streetwear for the home,” Kohnya chose uncommon designs like Carrara marble and composition notebook prints to create the sleek masculine look that he found lacking in the market, too often cluttered with the schoolmarmy, “put-a-bird-on-it” aesthetic and overgrown dorm room style. Many of the products in Safe House’s line of throw pillows and duvet covers, all printed on woven polyester poplin, are done in the rarest, most radical of home décor shades: black. And in time, Konyha is planning on elevating the brand by scheduling new Safe House collections aligned with the fashion week seasons and commissioning artist edition furniture. For now, though, Konhya is simply hoping to make your bedroom look as cool as you do—especially when your evening out ends up with a nighttime hook-up. “I just want Safe House to be sexy,” he says.

Styling Alex Frank, with Fallon Flaherty. Model Cassie Griffin. Shot in the home of Sara Moffat.

Safe House USA: Bed Rock