FADER Mix: Obey City

Download Obey City’s FADER mix, featuring a blend of top-shelf and left-field R&B.

November 12, 2013

Obey City, the Brooklyn producer with EPs on LuckyMe and a hand in the label/club night Astro Nautico, released Champagne Sounds this summer, with its follow-up Merlot Sounds supposedly just waiting to be let loose. His FADER mix blends top-shelf and left-field R&B in a number of whoa-why-didn't-I-think-of-that moments, probably best of all when, 14 minutes in, Drake's "Come Thru" swirls in and out of the chronically slept-on Nashville duo Jensen Sportag's "Blue Shade." The overlap between the two songs is surprising, and it's hard for me not to picture Obey City watching my reaction, grinning and saying "Told you so."

Download: Obey City's FADER Mix

Favorite memory of your recent tour of Australia? This is pretty cliché, but I saw a kangaroo in the wild at a resort I was staying at in the Sunshine Coast. He was just eating grass and then he slowly crawled (no hopping) over to a shady patch of grass and lounged out just like this:

How has working on the Astro Nautico label and party changed your own music? I think all of the music we release at Astro Nautico inspires me the minute I hear it, which inevitably leads me to create more music. The biggest influence the party has had on my music is forcing me to create more club friendly tracks and edits so that I can play them out.

Is your name really pronounced "Oh-bee"? Yes. Obey is my actual last name and it's pronounced "Oh-bee" as opposed to the word "obey." So the name is actually just a silly pun to be pronounced like "obesity," like the epidemic plaguing America. I'm not plaguing America, hopefully.

What food do you like to cook and how do you make it? Since the weather is getting chilly, it's the time of the year where I like to make some Japanese-style curry. It's really easy—you can pretty much put any meats or veggies you want in it and just let it cook until everything is delicious and tender. A pro tip of mine is to cut up some apple and add it in there for a sweet and tangy addition.

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FADER Mix: Obey City