Stream: Evan Ønly, “From The Stone”

Hear the second single from Evan Ønly’s upcoming album, No Matter What, out February 18th on Underwater Peoples.


Under the alias Evan Ønly, New York songwriter Evan Brody is making music that's decidedly more streamlined than the ramshackle guitar pop of his old band, Family Portrait. "From The Stone" is an early taste of this new aesthetic, and it's all ice-cold synths, processed vocals and cassette-quality drum kicks. It has the minimal pulse of 1980s radio fare, but also some unsentimental, texturally gritty elements that reflect a contemporary ear for production. The track will appear on his forthcoming No Matter What EP, which drops in February 18th via Underwater Peoples, the label Brody co-founded. He's teasing the release with a series of short, surreal videos directed by Charles Poekel, the latest of which you can watch below.

Stream: Evan Ønly, "From The Stone"

No Matter What EP Trailer

Posted: November 21, 2013
Stream: Evan Ønly, “From The Stone”