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Zuse and Mike Fresh, "Okay" (Prod. by FKi) MP3

By my count, DJ Spinz hasn't done anything bad this year. This week, he released a tape by Zooly Gvng, the alliance of producers FKi, singer Natasha Mosley (previously: Jeremih's "Fuck U All The Time") and rappers Zuse and Mike Fresh. With September's HPG3 compilation, Spinz also introduced me to Zuse, the Jamaica-born Atlanta rapper to watch who talks shit in a thick accent. His maniacal new single "Red" opens the Zooly Gvng tape, but deep cut "Okay," where Zuse croakily chants over a beat made from trombone honks and glitter, is more my speed today (crawling).

Download: Zuse and Mike Fresh, "Okay" (Prod. by FKi)

Download: Zooly Gvng, Zooly Gvng

Download: DJ Spinz' FADER Mix

Zuse and Mike Fresh, "Okay" (Prod. by FKi) MP3