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Video: DoughBoyz CashOut, "Ballin Like My Brother"

Doughboyz Cashout, the Detroit group comprised of HBK, Payroll, Doughboy Quis and Doughboy Dre who signed with Jeezy's CTE earlier this year, have released a new song and video, "Ballin Like My Brother." Typically a four-verse song is more than my internet-poisoned attention span can handle, but Doughboyz' charm lies not only in the fact that each member brings something stylistically different to the table (Quis' 90s Cash Money impression especially shines here), but also that they really seem to have a good time rapping together. They've employed my favorite rap video trope here: bring all your friends and some babies to the basketball court and mob the fuck out.

Video: DoughBoyz CashOut, "Ballin Like My Brother"